Top Ten Baby Boy Names 2013

A name is something an individual will keep with them the rest of their lives. It provides a framework for how others view you and what initial perceptions they have about you. The meaning of a name can be symbolic of who you are. This makes choosing the right name for your baby crucially important.  Based on the statistics obtained from the Social Security Administration, so far in 2013 the most popular baby boy names are:



Origin: Hebrew

Daniel is a biblical name that means “God is my judge.” In the Old Testament Daniel was a prophet, and the book of Daniel contains his prophecies of the future. Daniel has continued to be a popular named and reached its peak in 2006 when it was the 6th most popular baby boy name in the United States. Remaining consistent with its last year ranking of 10th overall, it still remains one of the most popular names in the United States.



Origin: Germn

This strong German name translates to “ruler of the home.” The name Henry is considered to be traditional, masculine, and strong. Some prominent individuals with the name Henry include the author and poet Henry David Thoreau and the actor Henry Rollins. Throughout the years, the name Henry has remained widely popular due to its timeless nature.



Origin: Hebrew

The name Elijah is considered to be a biblical name. The translation of the meaning of the name is “The Lord is My God.” Popular actor, Elijah Wood, may be partially responsible for the increasing popularity of the name in recent years.



Origin: English

In recent years the name Oliver has steadily been rising in overall popularity. Many notable people and characters over the years have carried the name Oliver. Some of the most prominent examples include Oliver Reed, Oliver Stone, Oliver  Platt, and Oliver Hudson. The meaning of the name Oliver is “olive tree.”



Origin: Hebrew

Traditionally, a very popular name in the United States, there have been countless popular icons and fictional characters with the name James throughout history. Some of the major ones include James Brown, James Dean, James Joyce, James Cagney, James Cameron, James Franco, James Johnson, James Patterson, James Wood, and James Bond. The meaning of the name James is “supplanter” and is considered to be a very traditional Hebrew name with biblical importance.




Origin: English

The more traditional name Benjamin has been steadily rising in popularity over the last decade. The name means “Son of my right hand.” Looking back through history there are dozens of prominent individuals with the name Benjamin. Some individuals include Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin Pratt, and Benjamin Disraeli. The alternate spelling of Benjamen is also popular and gives more of a sense of individuality.



Origin: Greek

The name Lucas is a Greek name which means “from Lucania.” It is a very worldly name, as many countries and speakers of many languages give the name to their children. Although it is his surname, the filmmaker, George Lucas could be responsible for its overall popularity in recent years.



Origin: English

The name Jackson is a traditional English name. The literal meaning of the name Jackson is “son of Jack.” Historically, the name Jackson has been a surname, but in recent years individuals have been giving it as a first name as well. In fact, in the 1990 United States Census Jackson was considered to be the thirteenth most frequently reported surname in the United States. Similarly, in England, the name Jackson was the 24th most common surname reported in the 1980 census. The alternate spelling of Jackson is Jaxson, which is also currently very popular.



Origin: Hebrew

Noah is a strong biblical name. The meaning of the name is “comfort.” Most people are familiar with the Old Testament scripture about the Great Flood. Noah was tasked with building a massive ark for his family and the animals of the world. The name Noah began being popular again in the mid 90’s when Noah Wyle on the show ER was in the spotlight.



Origin: Irish

The meaning of the name Liam is “strong-willed warrior.” It is also considered to be the short form of the common name, William. This traditional Irish name rose to prominence during the Norman conquest of Ireland. Within a generation, the Irish began to adopt new names which included Liam. The actor, Liam Neeson, brought the name to the forefront of the public. The name Liam has been steadily rising in popularity for the last decade or so.



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