Top Ten Best MLB Ballparks

Nothing beats watching a ball game on a hot summer day. Here are the top ten best MLB ballparks:


Coors Field

Colorado Rockies

Capacity: 50,480

Opened: 1995

Coors Field is the finest retro-styled ballpark in all of the league. Nothing beats watching a game in the thin mile-high air and enjoying the scenic mountain backdrop. The stadium itself is beautiful on the inside and out. It has transformed the lower downtown (LoDo) district into a thriving and lively entertainment area. It also happens to be one of the largest stadiums in all of baseball.


AT&T Park

San Francisco Giants

Capacity: 41,915

Opened: 2000

Until 2000, one of the oldest and most historical franchises in all of baseball had to play their home games in a less than ideal dual-purpose stadium. AT&T Park sits right on the water on the gorgeous San Francisco bay. Its beautiful architecture and location in the heart of the city near the marina makes it a majestic place to watch a baseball game.


PNC Park

Pittsburgh Pirates

Capacity: 38,362

Opened: 2001

PNC Park is nestled right on the river in downtown Pittsburgh. In the backdrop is the cities gorgeous skyline and one of the bridges crossing the river. It is arguably provides one of the best views of any professional sports stadium in the world. The stadium itself is very intimate and provides a great views from any seat in the park.


Safeco Field

Seattle Mariners

Capacity: 47,476

Opened: 1999

Seattle is known for its rain. As a result, architects designed SafeCo field with a retractable roof. It isn’t just any ordinary retractable roof though, it also includes an entire retractable wall, making it the only one of its kind in all of baseball. On a nice day when the roof is retracted, the entire center field is wide open, giving it the feel of an old-fashioned ballpark.


Petco Park

San Diego Pirates

Capacity: 42,524

Opened: 2004

Petco Park is one of the most modern ballparks in all the league. On the outside the stadium is gorgeous. It has large sandstone slabs on the outside combined with painted metal and on the inside features bright navy blue seats. Located in the heart of downtown, it is  definitely a fine place to catch a ballgame.



Yankee Statdium

New York Yankees

Capacity: 50,291

Opened: 2009

The new Yankees stadium doesn’t quiet have the same feel as the old Yankees Stadium, but what it lacks in character, it makes up for in modern amenities. The new stadium has some of the best ballpark food you will find and the center field score board is easily viewed from just about every seat in the house.


Busch Stadium

St. Louis Cardinals

Capacity: 46,861

Opened: 2006

Bush Stadium III, as it is sometimes called, is probably the nicest all around ballpark in the league. The stadium is filled with subtle architectural homages that adds to the overall experience. The view out of center field is one of the nicest in all of baseball. What other team in the league can say they have a 600 foot steel arch in the background?


Dodger Stadium

Los Angeles Dodgers

Capacity: 56,000

Opened: 1962

Dodger Stadium is now the third-oldest ballpark in all of Major League Baseball and its definitely a place any fan of the sport should try to visit. The stadium itself is carved into the size of the hill and provides an atmosphere of a Roman amphitheater combined with some 60’s marvel. The resulting stadium feels both huge and cozy at the same time. Iconic palm trees line the center field pavilion. With the gorgeous L.A. weather, there are only a few better places to watch a game of a baseball.


Fenway Park

Boston Red Sox

Capacity: 37,499

Opened: 1912

Fenway is the oldest stadium still in use in all of Major League Baseball. To appreciate all the beauty that is Fenway, you have to understand the historical context. It has a number of unique architectural features not found in any other stadium in the league including “The Green Moster,” a nickname given to the high left field wall and “The Triangle,” a triangular section located in the middle of the center field wall. The park was built on the land available to it and made use of every square inch they could.


Wrigley Field

Chicago Cubs

Capacity: 41,160

Opened: 1914

Nothing compares to watching a baseball game at Wrigley Field. Fans describe its atmosphere as being “magical,” and we couldn’t agree more. Wrigley Field is compact and understated, but true to the game in every regard. The neighborhood surrounding Wrigley Field in downtown Chicago, is lively and upbeat. Despite having one of the worst curses in all of baseball, the Chicago Cubs have some of the most loyal fans in the game.


Featured Image: Flickr by Mi55 Anthr0py

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