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Top Ten Reasons Why Women Cheat

An estimated 50% of married women are thought to have cheated on their husbands. Nearly 17% of all divorces are a result of marital infidelity. There are many reasons why women ultimately chose to cheat on their partner. Here are the top ten most common reasons why women cheat:


To Seek Revenge

One common reason why women cheat is to get revenge for a past wrong. Women do so not because they want to cheat on their significant other, but because they want their partner to feel the hurt that they experienced. Although not a good way to heal a damaged relationship, a woman cheating on a man is a great way for an emotional uninvolved man to feel something. When a man cheats on a woman it is a violation of the trust they have established between one another. Saying sorry won’t cut it; actions speak louder than words.


For the Thrill of It

Although not one the most common reasons why women cheat, some women chose to cheat for the thrill of it. They want to feel desired at the same time as having their comfort net with their partner. This is reason is more common amongst younger women and women who have a low maturity level. This reason also has a higher incidence rate for women who were in abusive relationships.


Lack of Intimacy

An overall lack of intimacy between partners is one of the most common reasons why women decide to cheat on their partner. If you no longer hold hands with your partner, kiss your partner, hug your partner, or go out of your way to make your partner feel special it can cause a deep rift in your relationship with that person. It is important, especially in a long term relationship, to continually show your partner how much they mean to you.


Bedroom Boredom

Individuals in a long term relationship over time often complain that their sex life has become boring. Being bored in the bedroom can prompt some women to look elsewhere to satisfy their sexual urges. Some of the common causes of this boredom are as a result of women wanting more frequent sex, different type of sex, or just plain curiosity about what it would be like to have sex with a different man. To prevent bedroom boredom be sure to keep your sex life far from predictable.


A way out

When a woman wants to end a relationship and doesn’t feel comfortable by just saying it is over, sometimes they cheat because they want to get caught and have a way out. By cheating the woman doesn’t have to deal with all the heartache and sorrow of a broken relationship. Communication can prevent problems in a relationship growing to a point where they can longer be repaired. Having consistent and meaningful conversations with your partner is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy relationship.


Feeling Lonely

If a woman and her partner feels like they no longer have anything in common she may find herself receptive to be drawn into an emotional affair with another man who shares her same interests and supports her dreams. Although physical innocent at first, an emotional affair has the potential to quickly progress to the next level and become a sexual affair. Many women cheat on their partners to fill a void in their life.



Having sex with a new partner can act as an instant pick-me-up, boosting a woman’s mood and making her feel desired. If your partner has self-esteem issues it doesn’t mean that she is instantly going to go off and cheat on you, but there are certainly ways to make her feel more secure that could help her from straying. Giving her your attention and compliments can go a long way with most women.


Feeling Neglected

When women feel more like they are a servant rather than a girlfriend or a wife it can cause women to stray. If you spend all your time with work or hanging out with your buddies, it could give her a reason to seek attention somewhere else. Although most men can’t quit their job, what they can do is thank her for all of the hard work that she does and appreciate the time that they spend together.


Reliving Past Memories

Women who are depressed sometimes feel nostalgic and want to relive a past fling in order to temporarily make themselves feel better. When women revert to their youth it makes them feel alive again by causing them to feel attractive, sexier, and more carefree.


Her Heart

The most powerful reason why women cheat is because of her heart and not her libido. To keep the spark alive in a relationship it is important to keep lines of communication open, encouraging her, be supportive, and don’t give her any good reasons to stray. Most women who are treated right and have a strong man besides them will never stray from their man. Cheating is almost always the result of something else wrong in a relationship.