Top Ten Baby Boy Names 2012

When having a baby, choosing the right name can be a long and difficult process. A name is something that your child will have for the rest of their life. It is important to pick the right one. Based on statistics gathered by the Social Security Administration, the top ten most popular baby boy names so far in 2012 are:



Origin: Hebrew

Daniel is a biblical name that means “God is my judge.” In the Old Testament Daniel was a prophet, and the book of Daniel contains his prophecies of the future. Daniel has continued to be a popular named and reached its peak in 2006 when it was the 6th most popular baby boy name in the United States.



Origin: Irish

Aiden is the only name of Irish origin on this list. The meaning of the name Aiden is “little fire.” Aiden has continued to be a very popular name in recent years and was the most common baby boy name of 2005. The name was originally popularized in the 7th century by the famous Irish monk, Aidan, and became popular again since the 19th century.



Origin: Greek

The meaning of Alexander is “helper and defender of mankind.” Throughout history, Alexander has been tied to a number of influential individuals. Probably among the most recognizable is Alexander the Great. Alexander the Great (356 – 323 BCE) was a Macedonian King and military conqueror who helped spread Greek culture and thoughts across Asia Minor to Egypt and India. The name was very popular at the beginning of the 20th century and then fell off, but is now making a strong comeback.



Origin: Latin/Hebrew

The name Ethan means “strong, firm, and safe.”  The origin of the name Ethan is biblical. It was the name of a wise man in the Old Testament. After the Protestant Reformation it began being used as a name in the English-speaking world.



Origin: Hebrew

The meaning of the name Michael is “he who is like God.” Like many of the other names of this list, Michael has deep biblical origins. Michael was the name of one of the archangels, protector of Israel, who defeated Satan. The name Michael has been popular for many years. During the middle ages, Michael was a popular name among military families. Throughout the years there have been numerous celebrities who have had the name Michael. Some include Michael Jackson, Michael J Fox, Michael Keaton, Michael Landon, and Michael Douglas.




Origin: Hebrew

Noah is a strong biblical name. The meaning of the name is “comfort.” Most people are familiar with the Old Testament scripture about the Great Flood. Noah was tasked with building a massive ark for his family and the animals of the world. The name Noah began being popular again in the mid 90’s when Noah Wyle on the show ER was in the spotlight.



Origin: Hebrew

The name Jayden is related to the biblical name Jadon. The meaning of the name Jayden is “God heard.” Until very recently it was not a popular name at all. The name Jayden saw a surge when it was mentioned in an episode of Star Trek in the mid 90’s. Since then it became even more popular after Britney Spears decided to name her son Jayden.



Origin: Teutonic

William means “strong-willed warrior.” The name William has been popular ever since it came into existence. The name William has been one of the top 20 names in the United States since the 1880’s. The name William evolved from Wilhelm, which breaks down into two parts, Will and Helm. Will means “desire/will” and Helm means “protection/helmet.” The name has increased in popularity recently due to Prince William of the British Royal Family. Many different nicknames can be derived from the name William, with Bill, Will, and Liam being the most common.



Origin: French

The name Mason has been steadily rising in popularity since the mid-90’s. By 2005, Mason was well-within the top 50 baby boy names. Also attributed to the rise in popularity is the fact that Mason has regularly been the name of choice for celebrities. Kelsey Grammer actually has a little girl by the name and in 2009 Kourtney Kardashian named son Mason. The meaning of the name Mason is literal. It originated as a last name given by profession. In this its meaning is “stone worker.”



Origin: Hebrew

The meaning of the name Jacob is “the supplanter.” Jacob has topped the charts for boy names since 1999. The origin of the name Jacob is strongly tied to biblical references. In the book of Genesis, Jacob was the younger twin brother of Esau. Jacob ended up being the patriarch of the 12 tribes of Israel. The name was primarily a Jewish name until the Protestant Reformation, at which time everyone began using it. Recently in popular culture Jacob was the name of one of the main characters of the Twilight Saga.


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