Top Ten Best Cruise Ships

Nearly everyone loves cruises. They allow you to escape from reality and relax. Cruise ships transport people to their favorite island destinations and provide them ample entertainment and luxury on the way there. Now read our list about the top ten cruise ships in the world.


Disney Dream

Passengers: 2500

Debut: 2011

Offering year around cruises to the Bahamas from Port Canaveral, the Disney Dream includes something for everyone. Featuring the first water-coaster on a cruise ship, the AquaDuck provides thrills for all. The famous ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ firework deck show is considered to be one of the best stage shows available on a cruise ship.


Celebrity Eclipse

Passengers: 2850

Debut: 2010

No matter what kind of food you like, you will be sure to find something aboard the Celebrity Eclipse. A number of restaurants feature dining options ranging from Italian to French. The Celebrity Eclipse also features a real glass lawn and one of the highest balcony cabin proportions in the cruise industry.


Ruby Princess

Passengers: 3080

Debut: 2008

One of the most interesting unique features about the Ruby Princess is the poolside big-screen theater. The princess also offers an interesting combination of luxury and leisure. On board you will find a wine and tapas bar and a kid-free sanctuary on the top deck of the ship.


Celebrity Silhouette

Passengers: 2886

Debut: 2011

Quite possible the most aesthetically pleasing cruise ships at sea the Celebrity Silhouette offers the best in modern accommodations. There are over 10 restaurants aboard as well as the grass lawn where you can enjoy a picnic basket. The bars on board serve over 50 types of beer, in addition to a 24-hour self-service win bar.


Liberty of the Seas

Passengers: 3634

Debut: 2007

One of the best ships on the list for families and groups, the Liberty of the Seas has a critically acclaimed Broadway show with several showing per cruise. About half the cabins on the ship feature balconies. With one of the best group dining setups, the main dining hall can sit 4,000 people per night!



Norwegian Epic

Passengers: 4100

Debut: 2010

Living up to its name in every regard, the Norwegian Epic is definitely a spectacle to behold. The marvelous ship has over 20 restaurants and unique shows including Blue Man Group. Also on board is a giant water park and one of the largest spas in the cruise industry.


Carnival Dream

Passengers: 3646

Debut: 2009

The Carnival Dream was designed with comfort in mind. One of the unique features is an outdoor meet-and-greet venue with whirlpools and a ton of top-notch seating. The casino on the ship also offers fun and entertainment for the adults. Game range from craps, blackjack, to hold’em.


Carnival Magic

Passengers: 3690

Debut: 2011

Featuring the micro brew Thirsty Frog Red Ale, beer fans and connoisseurs will tell you just how great Carnival Magic is. Perfect for people who like to keep it casual the Carnival Magic has an ocean side barbecue on sea days and offers karaoke at night.


Allure of the Seas

Passengers: 5400

Debut: 2010

A Coney Island inspired boardwalk, wooden carousel and all, lines the length of the ship. The sun deck contains both beach and sports pools to meet whatever desire you may have. The outdoor AquaTheater features daredevil diving shows and many other entertaining events. The Allure is also the first cruise ship in the world to have a Starbucks. If that isn’t enough you can catch the Broadway show ‘Chicago.’


Oasis of the Seas

Passengers: 5400

Debut: 2009

The Oasis of the Seas is the largest cruise ship ever built. Along the length of the ship there is an open air corridor that offers space for tropical foliage. If you have the money, the ship offers a 14 passenger Presidential Suite with luxury beyond imagination. If you are looking for something a little cheaper you may consider an apartment-sized two-story loft. In the middle of the ship is an area called Central Park, which offers dozens of restaurants and a central gathering place.


Thank you to Cruise Critic for inspiring this article.

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