Top Ten Most Stolen Cars in America

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) recently put together a list based on crime statistics of the top ten most stolen cars in America in 2011. For the most part, the cars on the list haven’t changed much over the years, but the NICB did report that overall car theft is down significantly.

Although instinctively, people would assume that higher-priced, more luxurious cars would have appeared on the list, however most high-end vehicles feature advanced anti-theft technology and are much harder to swipe. Many of the cars on the list lack modern anti-theft technology which allows them to be stolen and taken to chop-shops where they are then dismantled for parts, making it even harder for law enforcement to track and catch the thief.


Toyota Corolla (2007)


Toyota Pickup (1988)


Nissan Sentra (1994)


Dodge Ram Pickup (2004)


Acura Integra (1994)



Chevrolet C/K 1500 (1994)


Ford F-150 (1997)


Toyota Camry (1989)


Honda Accord (1991)


Honda Civic (1995)


Here are some ways to help protect your car and make it harder to steal:

1. Purchase a car alarm: For about $200 you can purchase a decent car alarm that will sound whenever a door is opened without a key. Also be sure to place the included sticker in your window so that would-be thieves are aware of your alarm system. A car alarm won’t prevent your car from being stolen, but it does make your car less of a target.

2. Lock your vehicle: Every time you park and leave your vehicle be sure to lock the doors and take the key with you. Another good idea is to purchase a steering wheel lock or a tire lock. You can get a good wheel lock for about $50. Anyone who must leave their car parked in public for hours at a time is strongly recommended to utilize this form of protection.

3. Install a tracker: If you own an expensive or a one of a kind car, you may want to consider install a tracking device in your vehicle in the event that it does get swiped. For around $700 you can get a tracking device installed. Once it is activated it will notify police the car’s exact location in the event it is stolen.

4. Use common sense: The NICB recommends parking your car in well-lit areas. Car thieves typically steal cars that are in poorly visible areas to help hide their activities. Also be aware of your surroundings and try to park your car as close to where you will be when you away from it.


Source: MSN Autos

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