Top Ten Online Retailers That Ship Gifts Quickly

Today marks the winter solstice, which means Christmas is right around the corner. Almost anyone who has needed to finish their Christmas shopping has done so by yesterday; the shipping deadline passed for most couriers’ cutoff-date for guaranteed arrival by December 25th. But if you’re one of those people who waits until the last minute to get gifts, there is still hope for a merry Christmas. Kiplinger released a list that shows the online retailers that ship items the fastest. So if you need a spontaneous gift idea as well as quick shipping, consider buying from one of these ten online websites below. Even the slowest vendor of these ten will have your gifts at the door by Christmas Day. Better start shopping!


10 – 4 days


9 – 3 days and 22 hours


8 – 3 days and 18 hours


7 – 3 days and 17 hours


6 – 3 days and 5 hours


5 – 2 days and 22 hours


4 – 2 days and 20 hours


3 – 2 days and 1 hour


2 – 2 days


1 – 1 day and 16 hours





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