The World’s Top Ten Biggest Yachts

Many of the yachts on this list are as large as small cruise ships. They epitomize the life of luxury and offer every amenity known to mankind. Without further adieu, here is the list of the top ten biggest yachts in the world.



Length: 440 feet

Owner: Not documented

Speed: Not documented

Price:  Not documented

Serene is the largest yacht ever to be built in Italy. Construction began in 2007  and Serene finally launched in 2010. The beautiful boat was designed by Monaco’s Espen Oeino designers. The beam length is 60.7 feet. Serene also features 7 decks, a hangar, and two helicopter landing pads. Additionally there is a seawater pool on board that is also used to stow the included miniature submarine.


Rising Sun

Length: 454 feet

Owner: Larry Ellison and David Geffen

Top Speed: 28 knots

Price: ~$200 million (estimate)

The Rising Sun is a beautiful super yacht. Inside you will find 82 rooms with a total living area in excess of 86,000 square feet. Some of the key features include a cinema with a giant plasma television, an indoor gymnasium, onyx counter tops throughout, Jacuzzi tubs, and a stocked wine cellar. The top deck is covered in teak-wood and gives the entire vessel a very utilitarian modern look.


Al Salamah

Length: 457 feet

Owner: Price Sultan bin Abdul Aziz

Top Speed: 22 knots

Price: ~$200 million (estimate)

The ship was built and designed in utmost secrecy by famed German shipyards HDW and Luerssen and was launched in 1999. As per standard, for most mega yachts, the ship features a helipad, cinema, a Jacuzzi and  an uniquely designed indoor swimming pool with a solid glass roof. The ship is available for rent at the staggering  price of $800,000 per week.



Length: 462.2 feet

Owner: Unknown

Top Speed: 26 knots

Price: Unknown

Yas is probably one of the most uniquely designed yachts on this list. The original name Swift 141 reflects its fast-looking side profile and narrow bridge. Yas offers luxury accommodations for up to 60 guests. On the deck you will find a spa and  a swimming pool, as well as, a garage to store a variety of water craft including jet skis and launch boats. The prominent glass windows not only add to the overall aesthetics of the vessel, but they also play a vital role in the temperature management of the interior.


El Horriya

Length: 478 feet

Owner: Egyptian Navy

Top Speed: 16 knots

Price: Unknown

Without a doubt, El Horriya is the oldest yacht on this list. It was originally built in 1865, but was completely rebuilt in 1951. In 1869 it was the first ship ever to pass through the Suez Canal as part of its opening ceremony. On occasion it is used as a Presidential Yacht for the country of Egypt.




Length: 482 feet

Owner: Secret

Top Speed: No documented

Price: Approximately $641 million

Not a whole lot is known about the Topaz, which launched earlier this year. It was designed by famed ship maker Tim Heywood and due to strict confidentiality the manufacturer won’t release detailed information about the yacht itself or the owner. Whoever it is definitely has to have some pretty deep pockets.


Prince Abdulaziz

Length: 482 feet

Owner: Saudi Royal family

Price: Unkown

The Prince Abdulaziz was both the longest and tallest motor yacht in the world for just over 22 years. It was widely regarded as the definition of a luxury yacht throughout the 20th century. The first owner was the King Fahd of Saudi Arabia until his death in 2005 when ownership was passed on to his half brother Abduliah ibn Abd al-Aziz. At full capacity, the yacht requires a 60-65 man crew.


Al Said

Length: 508 feet

Owner: Sultan of Oman

Top Speed: 25 knots

Price: Unkown

Originally Al Said went under the name Project Sunflower. It was finally launched in 2009 after several years in construction. Exact details about what is contained within the ship are not known due to secrecy, however speculations have been made to suggest it boasts a ball room capable of holding a 50-piece orchestra.



Length: 531 feet

Owner: Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum

Top Speed: 26 knots

Price: Unknown

Built by German shipbuilding companies Blohm + Voss and Lurssen, under the code name Panhandle and Platinum, Dubai is currently the second largest yacht in the world. In the center of the ship there is a huge glass staircase that connects many guest and VIP suites.



Length: 533 feet

Owner: Roman Abramovich

Top Speed: 25 knots

Price: $1.2 billion

Also designed by Blohm + Voss, Eclipse is currently the largest yacht in the world. Its interior and exterior was designed by Terence Disdale Design and its naval architect was Francis Design. The yacht features two helicopter pads, 24 guest cabins, three launch boats, two swimming pools, a miniature submarine, and a disco hall. The master suite and the bridge is lined with armor plating and bullet-proof windows. Beginning in 2011 it is available for charter at an unadvertised price.


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