The World’s Top Ten Most Valuable Sports Teams

American football teams hold the most spots among the world’s most valuable sport franchises. Also there are a number of soccer clubs included in the list in addition to a number of baseball teams.



Value: $1.29 billion

Owner: Stan Kroenke

Sport: Football (Soccer)

Arsenal Football Club was founded in 1886 and is based in Holloway, London. It is widely considered one of the most successful clubs in English football.


New York Giants

Value: $1.3 billion

Owner: John Mara and Steven Tisch

Sport: American Football

Over the years, the New York Giants have claimed four Super Bowl Championships and 8 NFL Championships prior to the Super Bowl era. In a unique arrangement with the New York Jets the New York Giants share a stadium with their cross town rivals. There are currently 135,000 people on the waiting list for season tickets, the largest of any NFL franchise.



Value: $1.31 billion

Owner: Club members

Sport: Football (Soccer)

Futbol Club Barcelona has become a symbol of Catalan culture and Catalanism. Barcelona is the only team in Europe to have played continental football every season since 1955.


New England Patriots

Value: $1.4 billion

Owner: Robert Kraft

Sport: American Football

The New England Patriots are widely considered to be one of the most successful teams in NFL history. The Patriots dominated the 2000’s winning 3 Super Bowl Championships within a decade. Additionally they have claimed 7 Conference championships and 14 Division championships. The New England Patriots hold the record for the longest winning streak in the NFL with a 21 game streak between October 2003 and October 2004.


Los Angeles Dodgers

Value: $1.4 billion

Owner: Guggenheim Baseball

Sport: Baseball

The Los Angeles Dodgers were first established in Brooklyn in 1883. Prior to the start of the 1958 season the Brooklyn Dodgers were moved to Los Angeles and renamed the Los Angeles Dodgers. The team has won 6 World Series titles and has won 21 National League Pennants.


Washington Redskins

Value: $1.56 billiion

Owner: Daniel Snyder

Sport: American Football

The Washington Redskins are a professional football team based in the United States capital city Washington, D.C. The Redskins have won 3 Super Bowl Championships over the years and have a large number of followers. Somewhat ironically the Redskins have had a large rivalry for many years against the Dallas Cowboys who are the only NFL team on this list with a higher ranking.


Dallas Cowboys

Value: $1.85 billion

Owner: Jerry Jones

Sport: American Football

In addition to being the most valuable team in the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys are also the wealthiest team in the NFL generating almost $269 million in annual revenue. Ever since the Dallas Cowboys joined the NFL in 1960 as an expansion they have had a large national following. In fact the Dallas Cowboys currently hold the record for the most consecutive home sell-outs. The Dallas Cowboys also play in the NFL’s most expensive stadium ever built.


New York Yankees

Value: $1.85 billion

Owner: Steinbrenner family

Sport: Baseball

The New York Yankees have won 27 World Series titles over the years and have won the American League Pennant on 40 occasions. Over the years 44 Yankees players and 11 Yankees managers have been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, which include the likes of Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, and Yogi Berra. The insignia of the New York Yankees is recognized worldwide.


Real Madrid

Value: $1.88 billion

Owner: Club members

Sport: Football (Soccer)

Founded in 1902 Real Madrid established itself a a major contender in both Spanish and European football during the 1950’s. Unlike most European football clubs, Real Madrid’s members have owned and operated the club since it was founded. The club is the richest football club in the world in terms of annual revenue.


Manchester United

Value: $2.23 billion

Owner: Glazer family

Sport: Football (Soccer)

Manchester United is an English professional football club located in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester that plays in the Premier League. Manchester United is reputed to be the world’s most popular football club and boasts one of the highest average home attendance in Europe. The club has an estimated 333 million fans around the world. That roughly the same as the population of the United States. Manchester United has been described as a global brand. The club’s trademarks and intellectual property is valued at 412 million Euros.


Source: Forbes


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