Top Election 2012 Issues in the United States

Based on a poll ran by CNN about a month ago, the top election issues of the 2012 election in the United States are:


Social Security

More and more individuals are dependent on social security, which is stressing the program and rapidly increasing government costs to maintain it. Both sides tend to agree, as it is, the system is not sustainable. How it is to be dealt with is what varies. This is a very important issues especially among older voters who are in retirement or approaching it.


Health Care

The rising costs of health care and the inability for many to afford it has caused health care to be a top concern this election. The ways to deal with the current health care issue is widely divide between political parties. For many this could be a deciding factor.


Energy and Environment

With raising gas prices across the nation, it is no wonder why the energy and environment are a large concern to many Americans. Policies to decrease our foreign dependence on oil and research and development relating to alternative energy sources will definitely be something many will consider when choosing the candidate they will vote for.


Government Reform

People across the national are crying out for government reform. They wish to decrease the waste of the bureaucracy and increase the efficiency of government. This will ideally result in less government spending and quicker action. Many people are also concerned that their voices aren’t being heard in Washington and that they are not adequately being represented.


Middle Class

Over the last decade the size and quality of life of the middle class in America has steadily decayed. This issue, although interdependently very important in its own right, is very much so tied to the state of the economy. If the economy can improve and provide more, better quality jobs, then the middle class with naturally grow and so will their quality of life.




One of the issues where Americans are most divided is on the subject of taxes. Some believe that taxes need to be raised in general, others believe taxes for the rich need to be raised to help pay for social programs and welfare, while yet others believe taxes should remain where they are at or be cut. Not only are individual taxes an important issue to Americans, so are corporate tax policies. Raising corporate taxes could generate additional income for the government in the short run, but at the same time could jeopardize large multinational corporations in their ability to conduct business in the United States.



The state of education in this nation has been on a steady decline for a number of years. The United States now ranks in the bottom 1/3 of first world countries in terms of standardized test scores across a variety of subjects. The future for the youth of the nation depends on the education policies that are formed now.


National Debt

People are very concerned how the presidential candidates plan to tackle the 14 trillion dollar deficit that is currently held by the government. The effects trickle throughout all aspects of society. Prioritizing what money should be spent on and how much, could be the quintessential difference between the candidates in this year’s election.


State of Politics

Whether or relates to bailouts, entitlements, or day to day operation, the state of politics in America is one of the top issues this election. People are concerned about what regulations the government should enforce and what regulations they should not.



The President’s first term in office is in many ways being defined by economic and fiscal policy issues. Americans agree that the economy is of the utmost concern this year. Job creation and unemployment are issues at the forefront as we move into election season.


Source: CNN

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