Top Ten Fastest Roller Coasters in the World

There isn’t much else in life that compares to the thrill of riding a roller coaster. No matter who you ask, everyone has a favorite roller coaster. Some base their judgement on height, turns, banks, inversions, but most will agree that speed is one of the top factors. Here are the fastest roller coasters in the world  (March 2013):


Intimidator 305

Kings Dominion, United States

Speed: 90 mph

The Intimidator 305 won the prestigious Golden Ticket Award for being the “Best New Roller Coaster in 2010” by Amusement Today.



Canada’s Wonderland, Canada

Speed: 92 mph

Levianthan holds the record of being both the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the country of Canada.


Millennium Force

Cedar Point, United States

Speed: 93 mph

Although no longer the fastest, Millennium Force has received the honor of best roller coaster in the world on 7 different times since it opened in 2001.


Steel Dragon 2000

Nagashima Spa Land, Japan

Speed: 95 mph

With almost a mile and a half of track, Steel Dragon 2000 is the longest steel roller coaster in the world. Steel Dragon 2000 is one of the most expensive roller coasters ever built with an estimated price tag of roughly $50 million due to added earthquake protection.


Tower of Terror II

Dreamworld, Australia

Speed: 100 mph

When Tower of Terror II opened in 1997 it became the first roller coaster in the world to reach 100.00 mph speedsm making it both the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world at the time.



Superman: Escape from Krypton

Six Flags Magic Mountain, United States

Speed: 100 mph

At the time of launch riders experience a g-force of 4.5. The vehicle climbs up 415 feet at a 90 degree angles making it one of the most thrilling rides available.



Fuji-Q Highland, Japan

Speed: 107 mph

Designed to push the psychological limits of its riders, Dodonpa, when it opened in 2001 set two records. At the time it was the fastest roller coaster in the world and it set the record for the fastest acceleration.


Top Thrill Dragster

Cedar Point, United States

Speed: 120 mph

Top Thrill Dragster is an accelerated steel roller coaster at Cedar Point. When built in 2003, it was the first full circuit roller coaster to stand taller than 400 feet in height and was the tallest roller coaster in the world. Riders are launched at a speed of 120 mph which they reach within 4 seconds thanks to advanced hydraulic technology.


Kingda Ka

Six Flags Great Adventures, United States

Speed: 128 mph

Since 2005 riders have enjoyed one of the most frightening roller coasters in the world. The ride starts with a 3.8 second acceleration to the top speed of 128 mph. In addition to being the 2nd fastest roller coaster in the world it is the world’s tallest.


Formula Rossa

Ferrari World, United Arab Emirates

Speed: 149.1 mph

Gracing the world with its presence beginning in 2010, Formula Rossa is officially the fastest roller coaster in the world. Using a hydraulic launch system, the roller coaster reaches top speed in just 4.9 seconds. Due to the high speeds experienced, all riders are required to wear protective glasses similar to those worn by skydivers.



Source: Wikipedia


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