Top Ten Highest Paying Jobs in America 2012

With so many jobs to chose from it may be hard to make a decision. To help you, we have compiled a list of the top ten highest paying jobs in America in 2012. Some of the jobs you would expect, while others might come as a surprise.


Industrial and Organizational Pscyhologists

Average Salary: $124,000

Employment: 1,250

The job duties of an industrial or organizational psychologist varies widely. They help by applying the principles of psychology to human resources, management, sales, marketing, and administration. With so few people working in this profession it is considered pretty uncommon, however, it is on the rise as more organizations understand the benefits of having a psychologist on staff. Typically at least a Master’s degree is required with a Doctoral degree preferred.


Computer and Information Systems Managers

Average Salary: $125,000

Employment: 300,000

Computer and information systems managers are currently in very high demand. Their primary job is to coordinate daily activities in relation to data processing, software programming, software configuration, staffing, systems analysis, and preparing proposals. The typical computer and information systems manager has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field. The highest paying computer and information systems managers work in the media or motion pictures industry, where the average wages are about $40,000 per year above average.


Marketing Managers

Average Salary: $126,000

Employment: 170,000

The primary goal of a marketing manager is to generate a marketing strategy to maximize company revenue and profits. This typically involves performing market research, market tests, advertising campaigns, developing pricing strategies, and targeting, as well as identifying, potential customers. In general this job does not requires a degree, however, a Bachelor’s degree helps significantly.


Natural Science Managers

Average Salary: $128,000

Employment: 47,000

Natural science managers work in all kinds of different industries. Some of the more common industries include research and development, agricultural engineering, pharmaceuticals, and government. Most natural science mangers work as scientists before getting into management. Common degrees include a Bachelor’s degree in physics, chemistry, biology, or integrative physiology.


Architectural and Engineering Managers

Average Salary: $129,000

Employment: 185,000

Architectural and engineering managers is expected to have a much lower than average job growth over the next ten years. Jobs are expected to grow only by 10 percent. Typically architectural and engineering managers work in an office and help coordinate activities among architects and engineers.




Average Salary: $130,000

Employment: 575,000

Becoming a lawyer isn’t easy. It, on average, requires seven years of school. There are a broad range of different kinds of lawyers. Some represent clients in civil or criminal proceedings, while others just write documents or advise clients on legal matters.


Petroleum Engineer

Average Salary: $140,000

Employment: 30,000

Common job duties of a petroleum engineer typically includes creating plans for gas and oil extraction, production, and overseeing drilling operations. Over half of the petroleum engineers in the United States live in Texas.


CEOs (Chief Executive Officers)

Average Salary: $176,000

Employment: 265,000

A lot of responsibility falls on the chief executive officer in a company. They are responsible for the overall direction of a company, in addition to, formulating policies, managing operational activities, and investing the companies assets. Contrary to popular belief, only a Bachelor’s degree is required, however, a considerable amount of experience is also required.


Orthodontists and Dentists

Average Salary: $160,000 – $200,000

Employment: 100,000+

Orthodontists and dentists provide invaluable services to patients. They help maintain the health of teeth and gums. This makes them the second highest paid profession in the United States.


Doctors and Surgeons

Average Salary: $168,000 – $235,000

Employment: 615,000+

Becoming a doctor or a surgeon requires years of training and school. Over the years doctors and surgeons have topped the list of America’s highest paying jobs. The actual salary of a doctor or surgeon can vary greatly depending on specialty and location. A common trend, however, is doctors who own their own practice or are a part owner typically make more money.


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