Top Ten Tallest Mountains in Colorado

The tallest mountains in the state with the highest average elevation, Colorado, are:


Gray’s Peak
Gray’s Peak is the largest mountain that is on the front range of Colorado. It is easily seen from the state capital of Denver. It is also the highest peak that lies exactly upon the continental divide. This iconic mountain is 14,278 feet high.


Mt. Lincoln 
An interesting fact about Mt. Lincoln is that the USGS embedded a marker in rock at the summit of the Mountain. The slopes of the mountain are covered in broken granite and shale. It stands 14,293 feet, just one foot shorter than the previous mountain on the list.


Crestone Peak 
The second highest peak in the Sangre de Cristo range, Crestone Peak is the namesake peak a part of the group collectively called the Crestones. Elevation – 14, 294 feet.


Uncompahgre Peak 
This very distinctive peak is the highest in the San Juan Mountains. It is located about 7 miles west of Lake City, Colorado. The peak is of volcanic origin, but itself is not a volcano. It rises 14,321 feet.


La Plata Peak
Located near Leadville, Colorado, two prominent ghost towns, Winfield and Hamilton sit at its base. These two towns were import silver mining towns in the early part of the 20th century. La Plata Peak stands at 14,336 feet.



“North Massive” 
This is one of the sub-peaks that are considered to be a part of Mt. Massive.


Blanca Peak 
One of the oldest and the tallest mountain in the Sangre de Cristo range in Colorado, the granite rocks located on the mountain date back nearly 1.8 billion years. This contrasts to other peaks in the range that are only 250-300 million years old. Elevation – 14,345 feet.


Mt. Harvard
Named by members of the first Harvard Mining School class in 1869, Mt. Harvard stands at 14,420 feet. For nearly 20 years beginning in 1963 a sign sat on top of the summit that said Mt. Harvard. Including the sign pole, Mt. Harvard was artificially the highest point in the state and the 2nd in the 48 contiguous states.


Mt. Massive
Besides being tall, Mt. Massive is a very large mountain. It has 5 peaks that are all taller than 14,000 feet.


Mt. Elbert 
At 14,443 feet Mt. Elbert is the tallest mountain in the state.This makes it the second tallest mountain in the lower 48 states.





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