Ten Daily Products You Should Never Buy Generic

Bundle.com just released a great article that can relate to almost any average consumer. It’s great because it is simple, solid advice: for the products most important and dear to us in life, it just doesn’t cut it to buy the cheaper discount brands.

In order to avoid sacrificing quality or taste for the sake of some extra cash, just say no to buying any of the following generic items on the next trip to the supermarket:



This long time dairy substance is at the heart of most people’s cooking, so it makes sense to use a good brand. Foods should be flavorful and natural, not processed or stale.  Avoid the fake dairy and spray-can variety when possible.



There are those who say all sodas are the same. Ok, but if you are accustomed to eating out at almost any large restaurant chain, you are hard wired to enjoy those offered by Coke, Pepsi, and others. Unless you aren’t picky, chances are you have pledged a soda loyalty and aren’t easily appeased by other outside, imitation flavors.



You know the brand. It may not be elsewhere, but in the US, Heinz has an undying legacy and a monopoly on the red tomato paste Americans hold so dear. Go ahead and try to find any mainstream restaurant or store that doesn’t have this in stock. Then if you do, do yourself a favor and don’t try the other brand offered.


Makeup/Hygiene Products

Not much else to say here. Beauty and body products don’t stand up nearly as well when they’re cheap, nor do they have as much to offer in the way of variety. Running mascara or deodorant failure by your lunch break is NOT cool.


Health and Diet foods

There are good brands that try to maintain as much flavor and taste as possible, and there are others that are trying to only cut the calories. Unless you find it acceptable for snacks and meals to taste like cardboard, stick to established, respected brands.




This is a preference food too, but when there are some great smaller dairy brands offering an array of good cheese flavors as well as big brands like Kraft, it’s hard to settle for the cheaper ones found on microwave pizzas and at the bottom of the shelf.



This one is a no brainer. Most brands are established because they simply taste good. If you want to save money, brands like PBR and Keystone should be the cheapest you go. God help you if you reach for a beer brewed by a supermarket chain or convenience store.


Food Sauces & Dressings

Whether it’s for spaghetti, enchiladas or salads, be sure to have good core ingredients for the main component of your dish. Cheap brands to flavor food will cost you more than you would like in the taste department.


Cleaning Detergents

Be it for clothes, dishes, or household cleaning, cheap brands end up costing more in the long run because they may not work as well. This leads to extra cycles and scrubbing, losing time and sanity on the money saved.



This one is paramount. Like ketchup, there are the respected brands, and the other stuff. If you value a variety of ingredients and some decent flavor with a kick, avoid the types containing only tomato paste, cayenne pepper, and xanthan gum simply labeled ‘salsa’.


Source: Bundle

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