Top Ten Surprising Germ Hiding Spots

Of course there are certain areas that everyone knows where germs and bacteria grow: toilets, showers, counter tops, etc. What people don’t realize is there are dozens of other places all within your house that provide ideal environments for germs. Here are the top ten surprising germ hiding spots around the house:


Kitchen trash can

Germs and bacteria can leak from your trash bag over time and make a nice home in your trash can where they can grow and multiply. It is recommended to clean and disinfect your trash can on a regular basis to avoid a potential cesspool in your kitchen.


Top of the refrigerator

The top of the refrigerator by itself isn’t necessarily a place where germs like to exist, but the fact is most people never clean the top of the fridge. Over years massive amounts of dust and bacteria can accumulate on the top of the fridge. This is especially problematic due it its close presence to the food you eat. It is recommended to clean your fridge once every few months.


Toothbrush holder

The toothbrush holder is actually one of the dirtiest places within a bathroom. Doctors actually recommend storing toothbrushes in a drawer, ideally within a plastic bag. Being on the counter, toothbrush holders are disgustingly enough a prime target for ejected fecal mater from the toilet.


Vacuum cleaner brushes

Who would think that a cleaning appliance itself is a germ hiding spot. It turns out that vacuum cleaner brushes contain thousands of dust mites and other allergens. Though not likely to make you sick they can definitely cause respiratory irritation.


Yoga mat

The porous nature of Yoga mats make them a great place for bacteria and germs to thrive. Also its constant contact with the ground makes it easier to pick up dirt and grime adding to the ideal environment that germs and bacteria love.



Underside of rugs

The underside of rugs provides a cool dark area where germs and bacteria have free reign. Cleaning experts say to clean the underside of your rugs at least on a monthly basis to avoid the growth of germs and bacteria.



The cool dark environment of purses is a great place for bacteria and other germs. People throw used gum and other food items in purses which provide food sources for bacteria to multiply. Also the fact that people rarely ever clean their purses makes them one of the dirtiest places in your house.



House hold plants attract germs, bacteria, and a variety of insects. Many different gnats and other small insects love living off your plants. It might be appropriate to spray them down every few weeks in order to minimize the amount of bacterial growth. Also change the soil of the plants every few years. It will result in cleaner plants and healthier plants.



The folds of the blinds and heat energy make them a perfect place for germs and bacteria to grow. Also it is another one of those areas of the home that people rarely think about cleaning. How you clean your blinds depends on the material they are made out of. Just be sure to know before you do in order to avoid damaging them.


Credit cards

Nearly everyone uses either a plastic credit card or debit card on almost a daily basis. Most people don’t realize that they are a great object to collect germs. You hand your card to dozens of different people who hand your back to you, passing germs back and forth.


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