Top Ten NFL Teams 2012

Today power rankings are drawn from powerful computer simulations that take into account a number of variables. 10,000 simulated games are played with accurate depth charts, historical statistics, and other hard -to-measure variables such as crowd noise and weather. Based on the results of these powerful simulations the top ten NFL teams heading into regular season are:


Denver Broncos

If Payton Manning stays healthy the Denver Broncos will be a strong force in the NFL this year. During the draft the Broncos picked up running back Ronnie Hillman and Arizona State University start quarterback Brock Osweiler. The Broncos also added more depth to their wide receiver core with Brandon Stokely rejoining the team.


Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions had a very good draft overall and will surely build on a already solid team. The only big issue the Lions have is their secondary. If they cannot resolve their issues at this position it may be a long painful season for them.


Pittsburgh Steelers

During this off-season the Steelers focused on improving their offensive line. This is a much needed upgrade as Big Ben is starting to get up there in years.


Philadelphia Eagles

This offseason the Eagles got a lot stronger on defense. A number of key draft picks will likely make them a much stronger contender this year.


Houston Texans

With the addition of two powerful wide-receivers, Keshawn Martin and DeVier Posey,  Matt Schaub’s options on offense just got a lot better.



San Francisco 49ers

With the addition of veteran wide-receiver Randy Moss, the 49ers may have a much stronger offense this year. It really depends on which Randy Moss comes to play and whether or not he is consistent.


Baltimore Ravens

The already powerful Baltimore defense took measures to improve this off season. With the acquisition of LB Courtney Upshaw, they will only become a bigger force to reckon with.


Green Bay Packers

Very similar to the Patriots, the Packers used the draft to build up their defense. Last year the Packers had the worst-rated defense in the league, meaning the only direction they can go is up.


New England Patriots

Pretty much all of the Patriots offensive weapons are returning this year. For the first 6 rounds of the draft the New England Patriot drafted nothing, but defensive players, aiming to build on their greatest weakness.


New York Giants

The only thing that the defending Super Bowl Champions could really have improved on was their position at running back. During this off season they got one.


Of course these rankings will change as the season progresses and is only a computer simulation. It cannot account for the intricacies of the sport, that’s why the games are played. Injuries, trades, and spectacular performances by individuals all have influence on the overall performance of teams.  We will just have to wait and see how it all turns out.


Source: ESPN


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