Top Ten Fittest Cities in America

Overall fitness has a direct correlation to health. People who exercise and stay physically active almost always are healthier than those who don’t. We have compiled a list of the top ten fittest cities in America.


Austin, Texas

People living in Austin, Texas rank much higher than average in terms of physical activity. The cities lively art scene may be responsible for the high amount of physical activity exerted. Many people chose to walk to their destinations rather than driving or taking a cab.


Denver, Colorado

Denver offers a ton of outdoor activities. This is probably why it is one of the healthiest cities. In Denver looking around you will notice that not very many people are obese. They also have a low occurrence of diabetes and heart disease.


Seattle, Washington

Despite the rain, Seattle offers temperate year-around temperatures which nicely caters to a variety of outdoor activities. Within a few hours drive there are mountains and oceans, both offering tons of different activities and things to do.


Portland, Oregon

Portland has more than 70-miles worth of hiking trails that run throughout the city. A high relative percentage of citizens commute to work by bike. It is surprising in a city of so many great dining choices that Portland is so healthy.


Sacramento, California

The capital of California is renowned for its plethora of outdoor activity options. Conveniently situated on the American River and the Sacramento River, people living in Sacramento can easily make a day trip out of kayaking and swimming. Additionally there a number of shady bike routes that follow the rivers.



Hartford, Connecticut

Hartford is one of the top economic hot spots in the nation, they are also one of the fittest cities in the nation as well. Hartford has one of the highest proportions of farmers markets of any cities in the United States.


San Francisco, California

San Francisco is a melting pot between the hustle and bustle of city life and the easy-going laid back attitude of west coast living. Walking around the city can provide quite the workout in itself. The city has more than 50 rolling hills all located within the city limits.


Boston, Massachusetts

People in Boston love being outdoors. Boston has some of the highest physical activity rates in the nation. The vast majority of citizens rank as being in excellent health.


Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. has one of the lowest smoking rates in the nation. Studies have also shown that they are much more concerned than average about what they eat. Additionally most people in Washington, D.C. have access to high quality healthcare options.


Minneapolis, Minnesota

Perhaps surprising to most, the citizens of Minneapolis are among the healthiest in the nation. Obesity rates are very low and physical activity rates are extremely high. Many people in the land of the lakes like to run and participate in a variety of physical activities including a number of sports.


Source: Forbes

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