Best Ten Smartphones of 2012

There is no shortage of smartphones available these days. From what were once only niche products in the tech market only five years ago, smartphones have exploded into a trendy must-have product. Today there are a myriad of options available, most of which are dominated by Google’s Android system. Apple’s iPhone also has a significant share of the smart phone market. While there are other options out there such as Blackberry and phones operating with a Windows system, the market is currently dominated by Apple and Android platforms.

Recently PC World ranked the best smartphones in a publication released last month. Rankings are based on averages for overall capability, ease of use, price, and ergonomics. Here is the ranked list:


Nokia Lumia 900

This smartphone is touted with having great data speeds as well as a sharp display and an equally sharp camera. It runs on Microsoft’s newest Windows software for smartphones. Expectations are high for this one; Windows as well as Nokia hope to take market share away from Android and Apple systems in the coming months.

Samsung Galaxy Note

This is a unique offering from a smartphone maker. Taking a cue from past tech devices, the Galaxy Note comes with a stylus-like pen for ease of use on writing applications. If more apps are able to support this unique feature, this phone could become a popular item.



This smartphone runs on Google’s 4.0.3 Android operating system (a version of Ice Cream Sandwich). A dual Core processor makes for blindingly fast speeds on AT&T’s LTE network, and dual front and back cameras make for great photo capability. It also has a great screen size of 4.7 inches.


Apple iPhone 4S 

Apple’s moderate upgrade from the regular iPhone 4 gets this phone a placement slightly lower than it may have earned otherwise. Regardless, a better processor, more speed and the Siri voice recognition software still make this smartphone a viable and attractive product.



This phone sports a big screen, a dual-core processor, as well as great battery life. All while having a case only 0.35 inches thick. Motorola also offers a cheaper, less powerful sibling in the DROID RAZR.



Offered through Sprint, this smartphone will be the first to be LTE equipped to serve on their network. Good features include a kickstand for easy browsing and media viewing, while a camera app allows you to shoot multiple photos in sequence.


T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide

The software mashup of Sense and T-Mobile’s MyTouch makes for a harmonious and easy-to-use interface. The camera is quite possibly one of the best of all the smartphones out there, with features such as HDR autofocus and SweepShot mode for panoramic photos.


HTC Rezound

This phone comes with all the power it needs. A dual-core 1.5GHz processor makes for superfast data transfer speeds, while a super LCD screen and numerous audio and video functions make it perfect for media junkies. The fallback? The battery can drain faster than desired.


Samsung Galaxy Nexus

One of Samsung’s best offerings wows with a sleek looking case and uber-fast processing. Even better, this phone doesn’t just kill in looks. It comes with Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich software pack that makes it possibly the most user-friendly of all the phones listed.



The best of the bunch, featuring the latest Android software. It is a multimedia powerhouse, with exceptional processing capability for snapping photos, steaming live TV, or gaming while simultaneously listening to music. This smartphone truly lives up to its name.

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