Top Ten Best NFL Stadiums

There have been a lot of new stadiums built for NFL teams in recent years, however, newer doesn’t always mean better. Find out which stadiums provide the best game day experience.


Gillete Stadium

New England Patriots

Each end zone in Gillete Stadium features a large HDTV video boards that rival the sharpness and clarity anywhere in the NFL. The unique design of the stadium features a number of ramps and bridges that offer fans to view the game from vantage points you won’t find anywhere else. Every single seat in the stadium is painted with team colors and team colored LED lights can be found throughout the stadium contributing to the overall atmosphere of the stadium.


Arrowhead Stadium

Kansas City Chiefs

Arrowhead Stadium is simply one of the hardest places to play in the NFL. This stadium provides some of the best home-field advantages in all of the league. Numerous dramatic playoff games haven taken place here as well as a few Pro Bowl games.


Lincoln Field

Philadelphia Eagles

Lincoln Field offers something for just about everyone. The premium seating in this stadium is some of the best around. A huge public plaza at the entrance featuring a timeline of the team’s history and a large eagle etched into the ground greet fans as they enter the stadium. The stadium really puts a focus on providing open areas and being fan friendly. The architecture of the building emphasizes the passion for sports in Philadelphia.


Lucas Oil Stadium

Indianapolis Colts

Literally hundreds of restaurants surround this beautiful brick stadium. Inside you will find over 7 levels of seating each offering a great view of the action of the field. Lucas Field has a fully retractable roof that can be opened or closed in as little as 10 minutes. If that weren’t enough there is a  glass wall on the north side of the stadium that retracts and offers fans an amazing view of the Indianapolis skyline. Of course, most fans are probably focused on the game.


Raymond James Stadium

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Raymond James Stadium provides more tailgating area than most other NFL stadiums. The team spirit and Buccaneer theme is found throughout the stadium with a life-sized pirate ship found immediately behind the north end zone. Raymond James truly provides a unique football experience.



Heinz Field

Pittsburgh Steelers

Heinz Field is situated on the banks of the Ohio River and is without a doubt a site to behold. The stadium is configured in the shape of a large horseshoe with the south end completely open to the river. The Steelers’ famous Great Hall is the nicest concourse area in the NFL.


Soldier Field

Chicago Bears

Located on the shoreline of Lake Michigan, Soldier Field is overflowing with history and takes every opportunity to show it off. The pillars on either side of the stadium are just one of the characteristic features of this stadium. The modern redesign of this stadium tries to combine both modern and contemporary with the old. Nothing beats watching the Bears play here on a warm fall night.


Qwest Field

Seattle Seahawks

Qwest Field really stands out as one of the best stadiums in the league. It offers by a long shot the best indoor tailgating experience around. Additionally the roof design provides protection to the vast majority of the fans from the frequent Seattle rain. Also another unique feature of the stadium is the vertical video board, the only one of its kind in the league. The Seattle skyline stands triumphant in the background and can easily be seen from just about every seat in the house.


Cowboys Stadium

Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys Stadium is the most expensive NFL stadium ever built with a price tag of $1.15 billion. It is also the second largest NFL stadium with a seating capacity of up to 110,000 football fans and is the largest domed stadium in the entire world. It is also home to the second largest high definition video screen in the world. It hangs from 20 yard line to 20 yard line.


Lambeau Field

Green Bay Packers

Despite the fact that Lambeau Field is one of the oldest stadiums in the NFL, nothing can beat the experience. The single bowl design of the stadium is pretty unique among professional sports and adds to an intimate fan experience. The roar of the crowd echos and can be heard miles away. It is also the only stadium to be owned by a city rather than an individual or company. This year the stadium also concluded a major renovation to add additional high definition video boards.


Source: Bleacher Report


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