Top Ten New Features on the iPhone 5

The new iPhone was announced earlier today admidst much anticipation and excitement. As with each iteration of the iPhone, the iPhone 5 brings a number of new features and innovations.


Thinner and Lighter

The iPhone 5 is 20% lighter and 18% thinner than the iPhone 4S. This was achieved by using higher quality materials inside and out and advancements in integrated circuit technology. The iPhone 5, in total, is just 7.6mm thin.


Nano – SIM Card

To help aid Apple engineers in creating a thinner design, they created the nano-sim card, which is 44% smaller than micro-sim card.


Lightning Connector

The 30-pin connector has finally reached the end of its life. First introduced in 2003, the connector is finally being retired in favor of the new Lightning connector. The new connector offers better transfers and is 80% smaller than the old 30-pin connector.



Finally iPhone fans will be able to use their iPhone at full 4G LTE speeds meaning iPhone users will be able to surf the web much more quickly than before. Also the call quality of the iPhone 5 is also expected to be much improved. The new design features 3 microphones and a noise-cancelling ear piece. Apple’s new “wideband” audio helps process dialog and deliver a greater part of the audible frequency spectrum for clearer calls.


Ear Pods

Packaged with the iPhone 5 will be freshly designed earbud headphones. The Apple Ear Pods promise to be much more stable in the ear than the previous design and also provide a much better acoustic experience. To help aid in the acoustic experience you will notice precisely placed acoustic outlets on the stem and sides of each Ear Pod. The purpose of these vents is to act as an acoustic chamber to help in the production of deeper and richer bass tones.



Improved Battery Life

Despite the larger screen size and faster process, the iPhone 5 is promising more battery life than any previous model. Current estimates are 225 hours on standby, 40 hours of music playback, 10 hours of data usage over Wi-Fi, or 8 straight hours of talk time or cellular data usage. The iPhone 4S had an estimated 200 hours of standby battery life, but most people never experienced anywhere near this.


4-inch Retina Display

For the first time in iPhone history, the new iPhone 5 will feature a 4″ screen. The additional screen real estate will be much appreciated by those who like to watch movies on the go or read on their phone. It will also allow apps to be more user friendly as there will be more room for user interface components.


iSight Camera

The new iSight Camera featured on the iPhone 5 features a new dynamic low-light sensor and panoramic capabilities. The lens of the camera is now made out of a sapphire crystal to help make the lens much less likely to scratch. Additionally the front camera will now be capable of shooting video at 720P and the back camera will be able to shoot in full 1080P.


iOS 6

Although iOS 6 will be available on other Apple devices including the iPhone 4 and 4S, it certainly comes with a number of huge improvements over iOS 5. The new Apple mobile operating system has over 200 new features. Some of the more notable additions include better Facebook integration as you will no longer have to start the Facebook app to post a picture or update your status. Apple chose to ditch Google Maps in favor of their new map application that promises to offer a number of improvements over the current solution. It will be also now be possible to conduct Facetime video chats over any 3G or better cellular connections. Siri will be seeing a number of big improvements to improve both functionality and ease-of-use. There will be a new Passbook app that you can use to store airline boarding passes, movie tickets, and other important location specific items. Even the phone app itself will see a number of improvements such as allowing certain contacts to ring through on silent or ignoring calls from contacts you don’t want to talk to at the moment.


A6 Processor

Probably the biggest improved over the previous generation iPhone 4S is the introduction of the A6 processor. The A6 processor is approximately twice as fast as the A5 chip and 22% smaller. This will result in a more responsive experience overall and eventually to the development of more advanced apps designed to take advantage of the additional processing power.


Source: Apple


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