Top Ten Best Weighted Blankets of 2020

Weighted blankets are one of biggest trends happening right now. The basic premise behind them is the pressure from the weight of the blanket can cause the body to increase serotonin output which is a chemical that your brain uses to make you feel happy and calm, which reduces feelings of anxiety or stress. Physicians refer to this phenomenon as “deep-pressure therapy”.

Most weighted-blanket manufacturers suggest that you chose a blanket that is roughly 10% of your body weight. So for example if you weigh 200 pounds, a blanket should weight 20 pounds. If you weight 150 pounds, a blanket should weigh 15 pounds. The weight of the blanket does not have to be exactly 10% of your body weight, but it is a good target to aim for.

An important safety note is, unless a pediatrician has recommended it, in general weighted-blankets are not recommend for small children or for anyone with mobility issues who cannot move freely underneath the weight of the blanket.

Typically, over-sized weighted blankets are not recommended. To maximize effectiveness, you should aim for a personal sized weighted blanket instead of the variety that are meant to be used as a bed spread. This is especially true if you have a queen or a king sized bed.

Here are the top ten best weighted-blankets:


Ourea Adult Weighted Blanket by Ourea

We begin our list with the Ourea Adult Weighted Blanket. With nearly 1000 reviews averaging over 4.5 stars on Amazon it is a great overall pick. It isn’t as luxurious or as soft as some of the other weighted blankets on this list, but it very utilitarian and comes in a variety of colors and sizes.


Sonaice Weighted Blanket by Sonaice

The Sonaice Weighted Blanket is the minimalist choice on this list. It is available in two colors (grey or pink) and comes in a variety of sizes. The design is simple and the blanket is relatively thin compared to other weighted-blankets. It is machine washable as well.


Chill Cooling Blanket by BlanQuil

The Chill Cooling Blanket by BlanQuill is the perfect weighted-blanket for hot sleepers or for use during the warmer months. Originally, gaining popularity through Instagram influencers, the Chill Cooling Weighted Blanket feels cool to the touch. If you don’t want the cooling feature, you can purchase the blanket with a quilt cover instead and save a few dollars. The blanket is available in two sizes (15 pounds or 20 pounds).


ZZZhen Weighted Blanket

Although not as popular as the other weighted blankets on this list, the ZZZhen Weighted Blanket is a fine overall choice and is probably the most affordable blanket on this list. It comes in 3 sizes (15 pounds, 20 pounds, and 25 pounds) and is available in 2 colors (grey and green).


Relax Eden by Relax Eden

The Relax Eden is a great overall weighted blanket and is very affordable. It isn’t ranked as highly on this list because it only comes in two sizes (15 pounds and 20 pounds) and is only available in one color. It is made out of 100% cotton and features a 7 layer design with glass micro-beads. If durability is a concern, the Relax Eden comes with a 1 year warranty and a no-questions asked refund policy.


Weighted Blanket by YnM

With more size options that most of the blankets on this list, the Weighted Blanket by YnM is a great value. It is one of the more affordable options and is frequently discounted. If you are looking for the perfect weighted blanket to match the decor of your home, this is the blanket for you. In addition to being offered in 14 sizes, it is also offered in over 20 colors.


Premium Weighted Blanket and Removable Cover by Quility

With over 10,000 reviews averaging 5-stars on Amazon, the Quility Premium Weighted Blanket is a solid choice and one of the most popular on this list. It features an innovative 7 layer design that extremely comfortable and durable. It comes with a cover that provides additional heat for the winter months that can be removed for use in the summer.


Layla Weighted Blanket by Layla

The Layla Weighted Blanket is one of the most unique choices on this list. It features a reversible design that offers two different textures so you can switch it up as desired. One side features a cotton fabric that feels like bed sheets and the other side features a cozy fleece which feels more like a traditional blanket. While most of the weighted blankets on this list have a cover that is machine washable, the entire Layla Weighted Blanket can be washed which makes it a little more convenient. Another benefit of the Layla Weighted Blanket is that is comes with a 120-night return period, so if you don’t love it or aren’t noticing any of the claimed benefits, you can return it for your money back. It comes in three sizes 15-pound twin, 20-pound queen, and a 25-pound king.


Relaxation Weighted Blanket by Sleep Number

Most Sleep Number products are high quality, and their weighted blanket is no exception. Based on a number of reviews, the blanket is extremely cozy and comfortable. It is one of the best choices if you are looking for a top-quality weighted blanket that also provides a fair amount of heat.


Gravity Blanket by Gravity

The Gravity Blanket is one of the original weighted blankets and is also the best that you can buy. The brand started as a Kickstarter Campaign and went viral which brought the whole idea of weighted blankets into the mainstream. It checks all the boxes for a good weighted blanket. It has grid-like stitching which helps keep the weight evenly distributed across the blanket and a very comfortable mico-fleece cover that can be machine washed. The blanket is only available in one size, but comes in three different colors (grey, blue, and white), as well as, three different weights (15, 20, and 25 pounds).

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